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We support nonprofits with data-driven solutions and technology services.

What we can help you with

Data management/engineering

Leverage advanced data management and engineering tools to unlock the full potential of your organisation's data assets.


Uncover valuable insights from your data to drive meaningful change, improve service delivery, and identify new income generation opportunities.


Integrate cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to automate processes, enhance decision-making, and amplify the impact of your nonprofit's work.

Data collection

Implement robust data collection processes to ensure the quality and reliability of your data, laying the foundation for data-driven decision-making.

Data strategy

Build on expert advisory services to develop a cohesive data and technology strategy that aligns with your nonprofit's mission and maximizes the value of your data.

Web dev

Enhance your online presence and streamline content management, improving engagement and accessibility for your stakeholders.


Safeguard your organisation's sensitive data, and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical information.

Learning resources

Empower your team with specialist training and resources, fostering internal skills and self-sufficiency in key data-related areas.

About us

We are a nonprofit dedicated to empowering smaller charitable organisations to leverage the power of data and technology.

Our mission is to provide free, high-quality data services to nonprofits that may not have the budget for dedicated staff or external IT support.

Whether it's data management, analytics, or web development, we work closely with our clients to maximise their impact.

By offering our expertise at no cost, we aim to level the playing field and help these vital organisations achieve their goals more effectively.

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Our services

Data management and engineering

CRM or case/donor/volunteer/constituent management systems

Setting up, customising, migrating CRM systems (CiviCRM, Bloomerang, Airtable, Baserow, Google Sheets) to manage relationships with donors, volunteers, or clients.

Data architecture

Designing data storage and management solutions (databases, cloud infra, data modelling, data warehouse) to ensure efficient and secure data handling.

Workflow automation

Extracting data from forms or documents, triggering notifications or actions based on certain conditions, automating data validation/quality checks or data cleanup processes to streamline processes and reduce manual effort.


Data analysis

Conducting quantitative analysis (project evaluation, KPIs, fundraising, website analytics) to provide insights for data-driven decision-making.

Data visualisation/reporting

Communicating insights through dashboards (PowerBI, Tableau, Metabase), reports, and charts to convey complex information effectively and facilitate advocacy efforts.


Applying inferential analysis, A/B testing, regression analysis, and statistical modelling to uncover patterns and make predictions.

Qualitative research

Facilitating focus groups, interviews, and content analysis to gather and interpret non-numerical data, providing context and depth to quantitative insights.


Large Language Models

Using local LLMs like LLaMa or SaaS like ChatGPT to automate complex tasks or facilitating engagement with your knowledge base.

Natural Language Processing

Deriving value from unstructured text data with sentiment analysis, text classification, or information extraction.

Predictive analytics and machine learning

Making predictions and providing insights on fundraising (churn, donation amount, customer behaviour) or your services (areas of highest need, engagement with content).

Data collection

Tools for data collection

Efficiently gathering data from various sources with KoBo, Google Forms, etc.

Support for survey design

Developing surveys (question formulation, structure, and methodology) that maximise data accuracy and response quality.

Data strategy

Strategic planning

Developing short and long-term data strategies, aligning technology with organisational goals, and ensuring data-driven decision-making throughout the charity.

Support with external partners

Assisting with negotiations, assessments, and benchmarking when working with external partners to ensure optimal data handling and security.

Change management

Facilitating the adoption of data-driven culture, providing training, and supporting organisational change to embrace data-centred practices.

System audits

Conducting audits of existing software and systems to identify gaps, risks, and areas for improvement.

Technical documentation

Creating comprehensive documentation of data processes, systems, and procedures to ensure knowledge transfer and continuity.

Web dev


Building user-friendly and responsive websites or blogs, integrating CRMs or database systems to ensure seamless data flow and functionality.

Content Management Systems

Implementing CMS solutions to enable easy content updates, user management, and seamless integration with other systems.


Data privacy and compliance assessment

Conducting privacy impact assessments, ensuring compliance with relevant data protection regulations, and advising on data handling practices.

Security audit

Identifying vulnerabilities and risks through comprehensive security audits of systems and networks.

Penetration testing

Testing the resilience of systems and networks, identifying areas for improvement.

Security training

Providing awareness and training programs to staff to promote a culture of cybersecurity and reduce potential risks.

Learning resources

Training and capacity-building

Developing customized training materials, conducting workshops, and providing ongoing support to staff, ensuring they have the skills to effectively utilise data tools and systems.


Creating comprehensive reports or whitepapers to share insights, best practices, and research findings with stakeholders or the wider community.

Blog posts

Sharing bite-sized insights, updates, or tutorials through blog posts to engage and educate readers on relevant data-related topics.

Any questions?

What kind of organisations do you work with?

We primarily target smaller charities, those that do not have the budget to hire dedicated staff or external IT service providers, as we believe that our support goes furthest for such organisations. However, our purpose is to maximise the impact of nonprofits through data: we evaluate potential engagements case-by-case and welcome any collaboration where our expertise can drive meaningful impact.

How much do your services cost?

Our mission is to make data expertise accessible to nonprofits, regardless of budget constraints. As such, we strive to provide our services for free to the organisations we work with. Our funding will come from grants: we are a new organisation and are committed to making this model sustainable for us, to the best of our abilities. However, if your organisation can afford supporting our mission, we welcome co-funding arrangements or fee-for-service engagements.

What's the time commitment you can provide?

Depends on the scope and complexity of the project. We typically work with our clients for 3-6 months, dedicating 1-2 days per week throughout the engagement. However, we maintain a flexible approach and can adapt the timeline and our availability to best accommodate the needs of the project.

How can we find out more?

Reach out by email to and we'll work from there!

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